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 Slalom Skating private lessons and group clinics in Brisbane

We regularly run slalom skating lessons and clinics here in Brisbane & Sydney.

Once you have learnt how to inline skate or rollerskate safely (turns, backwards, stopping, etc) in a recreational lesson you may wish to learn 'freestyle slalom skating'. Slalom skating is loads of fun to learn and Rollerblading Brisbane slalom skating lessons focus on correct detection and correction (which you just won't get from watching a video). Rollerblading Brisbane slalom skating students can learn tricks such as forwards cross, backwards cross, forwards one foot, snake (forwards & backwards), Nelson, back Nelson, pivots (toe and heel), combos, drift, wiper, and more. The mastery of solid basic skating skills and footwork is crucial to ensure progression. Slalom skating skills can be broken down into B.E.R.P. (Balance, Edging, Rotation and Pressure) and participants will learn at an appropriate pace.

Your instructor James O'Connor holds the ICP Slalom Instructor Certification (examiner Naomi Grigg) and has competed at the National Titles.

Instagram: @brisbaneslalomskating
Instagram: @rollerbladingbrisbane

Learn the basics in a structured lesson THEN join in on the free slalom skating meets such as this one below:


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