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 Hiring Rollerblades / Inline Skates in Brisbane

Looking to hire our inline skates (rollerblades) in Brisbane for the weekend and not interested in lessons?

Rollerblading Brisbane has skate hire provided that:
- can already skate safely (you must be able to stop on hills)
- can use the rubber brake effectively... NOT T-Stopping (dragging the skate) which destroys the urethane wheels and you agree to pay an extra $99 fee for their replacement.

Pricing for the weekend is $50 which includes helmet (which you agree to wear), knee, wrist and elbow pads.
Text 0411872022 with message:

"Hi my name is <Firstname Lastname>. I wish to HIRE <EUROsize> rollerblades in BRISBANE for the weekend of <date>. I'm in <suburb>. Could pick skates up on <FRI> / <SAT>. <time> etc"

Inner city suburbs pickup / dropoff can then be facilitated either Friday after work or early on Saturday. Pickup / dropoff Sunday evening.

NEW: "Friday Night Skate" hire special only $25 from 6pm-7:30pm at New Farm Riverwalk.

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