Rollerblading Brisbane - Learn to rollerblade / inline skate in Brisbane, Australia. We provide rollerblades for hire, lessons, tours and more

 Rollerblading & Rollerskating Lessons in Brisbane


Lessons are available by SMS appointment after 5pm daily Monday-Thursday and on Saturdays from 8:30am+. Lesson slots book out very quickly. Prepayment secures bookings. We prefer EFT payment to avoid PayPal fees. Send a booking request SMS (click here for message format mentioning ROLLERBLADING BRISBANE or ROLLERSKATING BRISBANE) early to avoid disappointment.


See venues page for our rollerblading and rollerskating lessons in Brisbane we prefer for you to take your first 1.5 hr or 2hr lesson at Hamilton (near Portside) due to the availability of an undercover area in case of rain.

What Will I Learn?

We teach inline skating according to the Instructor Certification Program International (ICP) syllabus covering stopping, moving and turning. Our Instagram account will give you a good idea of what we can teach you. We also teach aggressive skating (ramp, street, park) and slalom / freestyle rollerblading so please advise us at the time of your SMS booking. Lessons are available on rollerskates (quads), inline skates (rollerblades) and freeline skates (drift, freeskates) and we'll often request you send a photo of your skates via SMS. Learn recreational, speed skating, roller derby, slalom and skate park skating. For the less ramp or street inclined, and more recreational / fitness focused perhaps you could make your goal becoming proficient enough to skate on social skates (aka cityskates). N.B. the hills (learn how to stop - WELL) and always wear a helmet! Ask your instructor at the time of your lesson for more details about cityskates, social skates, slalom lessons, Brisbane's night skating scene and other events. A stopping lesson before you venture out on Brisbane's streets is highly recommended and we make our lessons fun regardless of your level. Bring a friend on the Brisbane Bladers Friday Night Skate and hire skates

Group versus Private Lessons

We recommend that if you're new to rollerblading that you try a lesson pack of private lessons. This makes learning easier and safer. As such, most of our lessons are taught to individuals (1 or 2) or small groups (3 to 5 people) that you organise. So you get at an excellent student to instructor ratio. If you wish to book a lesson for a group of 5 you must organise payment prior to the lesson via EFT or PayPal at least 7 days before. That way even if 2 people in your group failed to show they may be able to still obtain a credit towards a future booking subject to our cancellation policy. We also sometimes run kids birthday parties for small groups but we have mostly extendable inline skates used for this purpose.

Rollerskate or rollerblading equipment

Depending on whether you want a rollerskating or rollerblading lesson we may have your EURO shoe size skate. We can usually provide you with quality extendable inline skates plus excellent protective pads for your lesson. If you do bring your own skates (sms a photo of the skates). Inline skates should have a working heel brake (unless you are in a slalom or ramps - aggressive inline skating lesson). We require that you wear decent protective equipment whilst skating (preferably not flimsy Kmart pads). No helmet - no lesson - not negotiable - we will supply one if you don't own one. Advise your instructor at the time of sending the booking request whether you'll need us to bring wrist, knee, elbow pads, plus helmet (S | M | L | XL) (at no extra cost for lesson participants). Participants agree to wear pads and helmets at all times during the lesson regardless of ability levels. Participants agree to sign a waiver accepting responsibility for their involvement in rollerblading lessons. If you are already a competent rollerblader able to use the heel brake we do have skate hire.


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