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 Lessons Venues and places to skate in Brisbane - Hamilton | Kangaroo Point | Gardens Point | Skate Parks


Hamilton (ALL our lessons include hire at no extra $)

Hamilton (near Portside Wharf) - is where we run most of our lessons for rollerblading and rollerskating. Your lesson includes equipment OR you may bring your own skates. An excellent starting point for Brisbane skating tours, fitness skating and skate-2-ski, master stopping on hills, we'll rollerblade along the Brisbane River! A private lesson allows for fast progression. Rain? No problem! We will move our lesson to an undercover car park! Some of our best lessons have been held on the most inclement of weather days.

A popular option due the smoothness of the pathways!!!!
The foreshore area in front of Malt Pier is fantastic! See our Instagram @rollerbladingbrisbane for videos and photos!

Gardens Point / Kangaroo Point

Had a lesson with Rollerblading Brisbane already and keen to master steeper hills? We run lessons at Gardens Point and nearby. Great for experienced rollerbladers able to comfortably stop down hills noted for its green surroundings, refreshments and proximity to public transport. The area near Queensland University of Technology is a great place to master more advanced hills. The surface has been recently resurfaced on the Goodwill Bridge but beware the cyclists and runners (not recommended for beginners) and crowds on weekends can be an issue. Consider a 1st lesson in Hamilton where we have an undercover venue in case of rain.

Skate Park lessons

Brisbane's Corparoo skate park is an outdoor skatepark where we sometimes run private lessons. Located in Coorparoo this skatepark is excellent for aggressive | freestyle inline skaters and rollerskaters keen to ride ramps. With an experienced instructor learn to pump the transition, turns, stalls, air tricks, spins, safety, skate etiquette, drop in, etc. 'Don't run before you can walk!' NB There are significant risks involved in ramp skating ie make sure you already know how to skate backwards and can look over the correct shoulder in a staggered position (you don't need a ramp to learn that), can safely jump and land (and bail safely), be able to transition forwards to backwards in both directions of rotation before you get into ramp skating. Check out some videos of our skatepark lessons on our Rollerblading Brisbane Instagram and YouTube Channels. For multiple paid up-front ramp / skate park lessons we may consider an alternative venue in Brisbane (on a case-by-case basis and definitely not for the initial lesson) eg Paddington Skate Park.

(The skater on the right of this old photo is James O'Connor, who founded Online Magazine and the trick is called an invert / hand plant. This pic was taken at the old Bondi ramp)


Bondi Beach Venue

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